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Delivery Services

So you thinking of starting an online store with physical products. Delivery can be a nightmare, however we recommend the use of PUDO. Note that we are not affiliated to them in anyway, but have extensively used them in our other online stores, an can thus confidently recommend them to clients. In very rare instances were unable to make deliveries through them.

So what is PUDO

…. backed by the Courier Guy

If you’ve been looking for a super simple way to send stuff from point A to point B, pudo is the answer.

Let’s say you want to send your parents a birthday gift, but they live in Slaapstad and you’re in Jozi – just pudo it. Or if your maat from Umtata needs to return something he borrowed… just pudo it. Send stuff to your Gogo in Giyani or your bru in Braamies. It’s super easy and lekker quick.

Pudo is a smart locker delivery system that’s changing the courier game in South Africa.

You can use pudo to send an item anywhere in the country, as long as it weighs under 20kg and fits in one of our convenient pudo Lockers.

Price wise

We believe they are probably the cheapest in the country. On some of our physical products sites, we charge R80 standard delivery (cost to us is between R50 and R70 at the time of writing this article – for reasonable sized parcels).

How does it work

PUDO is a locker based system. They have lockers all over the place. The cheapest delivery is locker to locker (at around R50).

They also provide door to door (expensive) and Locker to door. We normally use locker to door. Fortunately we have a locker just down the road from us, where we can drop off goods and then a courier delivers it straight to our clients door (all for less than R80 – anywhere in the country).

Lockers work 24/7 – so you can run the shipping part of your business at any time that suits you.

And of course there is an app for you to manage it all from your phone.

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